You can purchase just about anything with bitcoins, from goods like clothing, electronics, food and art to handmade crafts. Bitcoin can also be used to purchase large items like cars, real estate, and investment vehicles such as precious metals. By using users can buy just about anything from Amazon and get a discount of up to 20% just by using Bitcoin. Additionally, many merchants who accept Bitcoin also give discounts for people who pay with the digital currency. Show your friends how easy it is to use bitcoin – head over to our own Store and buy a T-shirt, hoodie, bag, all kinds of accessories, even art and bitcoin wallet hardware. offers a searchable database that enables our users to search for specific items sold for Bitcoin. Just type in the product you wish to purchase using Bitcoin and you’ll see a list of online merchants selling that item. For merchants that don’t accept Bitcoin, there’s still a way to use your cryptocurrency to purchase the items you’re interested in by using a Bitcoin debit card. has a list of Bitcoin debit card companies to choose from; some cards can only be issued to certain countries, and all have varying fees so be sure to read up on your options in order to choose the best card for you.

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, also has its own store which sells Bitcoin-related merchandise such as T-shirts, artwork, coffee mugs, Bitcoin famous Alpaca socks and more. If you’re looking for some Bitcoin swag make sure you head over to our store to find quality items that make great conversation pieces and show off the Bitcoin spirit.

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